Traders or long term investors, if we want to buy BITCOIN, ETHEREUM, LITECOIN, XRP or other cryptocurrencies, we all need to use some CRYPTO EXCHANGE. These days, we have hundreds of crypto exchanges out there. Yes. It is completely correct, there are hundreds of crypto exchanges. So which one should we choose?  We will help you with this.

We would like to share with you few crypto exchanges which we use on daily basis as a full time day traders and also for our long term investments. 

First, let us please tell you what are the most important factors for us to consider when choosing a crypto exchange. Or scroll straight down to our list of best crypto exchanges if you don´t care about the reasons (not  recommended though).



   1. SECURITY                     

No doubt this is the most important factor. Crypto space is still relatively young and there are many risks around us which we want to avoid. 

There is really a lot we could do to keep our funds safe. Choose exchange which offer several security features and combine it. People lost money because they didn't care about security of their exchange accounts. We always use as much security futures as possible and only trade on exchanges with very high security standards.

Another level of security provide HARDWARE WALLETS. If you don't plan to use exchanges regularly, you definitely need to store your coins outside of exchange - in your hardware wallets. This is the safest way and we use it too for part of our crypto portfolio.  Best solutions on the market are:



Find out more about hardware wallets in our special section here. We use it regularly for our long term investments and we definitely recommend you to buy some.



It is always good to have an exchange which offer a wide variety of cryptos. If you remember last crypto bull run in late 2017, not only Bitcoin could make us a fortune. There were many altcoins which went 10x, 50x or even 100x and if they are not listed on our exchange, we simply can not profit from them. We choose exchanges which offer all major cryptos and also exchanges which offer many "hot" altcoins.


Even if you perform your own research of crypto exchanges, it is still possible that you miss something, some important information or fact. Therefore it is important to hear experience of other customers. Many many customer experiences create reputation and we want to use only exchanges with good reputation. 



In the past, there were several cases when deposits or withdrawals were stuck for several hours or even days for no valid reason. We want to avoid such unreliable exchanges and have our money at disposal instantly when we want it. All below listed exchanges are processing deposits and withdrawals very prompt, we did not have any issues with them during last years.


Last, but not least - never ever put all your money on one single crypto exchange. You may choose the most secure, best exchange in the world but nevertheless, you don´t know what could happen in the future. It may be something with exchange, or maybe something on your side. 

Another reason to diversify exchanges is point 2 - Availability of coins. It is just not possible to trade on one single exchange and have access to all the "hot"coins. 










6. eTORO   (US clients accepted)  

7.  COINMAMA   (US clients accepted)




The word “Binance” derives from the words “binary” and “finance”. Binance was founded by Chinese-Canadian, Changpeng Zhao, who is also leading the company as CEO.  Binance grew so quickly, that in January 2018 they had to suspend new registrations, as too many people were trying to open a Binance account.  

In less than two years of existence, Binance Exchange has since become the leading global cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume and with users from over 180 countries and regions.


Established:                 2017

Official website:           https://www.binance.com 

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   very high

Trading pairs:               500+ (excellent choice, lots of altcoins)

Trading fees:                 0.1% general fee (can be reduced based on trading volume)

Deposits:                       crypto deposits - no fees

Wire deposits:              YES

Credit card deposits:   YES (newly added, only few exchanges offer this)

Withdrawals:                crypto withdrawals, fees depends on currency 

Margin trading:            YES (up to 3x leverage)

Mobile app:                   YES

KYC:                               optional 

Customer support:      good, including many social media

US customers:             NO

Specials:                       - Own token Binance Coin (BNB) (holder of BNB pay reduces commissions)

                                       - Binance has launchpad for own IEO tokens, which are tradable only on Binance.

                                       - FUTURES trading 

                                       - Binance DEX (decentralized exchange)


Binance is without a doubt one of the most important crypto exchanges in the world today, and we don't see this situation changing anytime soon. 

Practically, every coin, every crypto project is trying to get listed on Binance. It is because Binance has great liquidity, reputation and is used by millions of users worldwide. If you are in crypto and you missed this exchange, you are making a very big mistake!

Binance registrations are open again and if you register now with our link, you will get 5% kickback from every commission you pay to Binance for lifetime.

FREE MONEY lifelong so we  definitely recommend to use this now! 





Bitmex is the biggest leverage trading platform in the crypto industry founded in 2014 by Arthur Hayes, Ben Delo, and Samuel Reed. 

BitMEX has never been hacked, provides a list of reliable customer service ports, is available in 5 languages, offers leverage of up to 100x and continues to grow.


This UK based exchange is a great option for traders who can easily trade huge amounts with minimum slippage. If you’re are new to this exchange and/or futures trading, we must press the importance of learning how futures contracts work and whether this is a valid option for you.  If you are looking for a high-leverage futures platform, this is it!


Established:                 2014

Official website:           https://www.bitmex.com

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   very high

Trading pairs:               20+ major trading pairs 

Trading fees:                 0.025 Maker fee, 0.075 Taker fee

Deposits:                       BTC deposits only - no fees

Withdrawals:                BTC withdrawals only 

Margin trading:            YES (up to 100x leverage)

Mobile app:                   YES

KYC:                               optional 

US customers:             NO

Customer support:      very good, including many social media

Trading platform provides many types of trading orders, giving professional traders necessary tools to effectively manage their positions

Supported trading orders:

  • Market Order   (to be executed immediately at current market prices)

  • Limit Order   (to specify a maximum or minimum price the trader is willing to buy or sell at)

  • Stop Market Order   (reduce your risk at a predefined market level, will be placed when the market reaches the Trigger Price)

  • Stop Limit Order   (reduce your risk at a predefined level, will be placed when the market reaches the Trigger Price)

  • Trailing Stop Order   (moves your stop loss, very useful in following trends

  • Take Profit Market Order   (lock your profits when the market reaches the Trigger Price)

  • Take Profit Limit Order   (lock your profits when the market reaches the Trigger Price)

  • For advanced traders  (Hidden Order, Iceberg order, Post Only Order​, Close On Trigger Order)


Bitmex is the biggest and one of the fastest-growing leverage trading platform. With desirable products for those who are looking to make a killing on the market. For the advanced traders, it offers everything needed for them to trade using one of the best leverage trading platforms out there.

BITMEX - Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange is absolute no brainier for leverage trading with enormous liquidity and huge trading volume. With daily volume in the billions, we can be sure that every trade of any size will be filled and executed. 

If you sign up with our link, you will receive a 10% fee discount for 6 months! Quite a lot in our opinion, especially if you plan to day trade. Saved amounts will sum up very nicely!


Get started NOW and try this exciting exchange!


bitmex logo.png


Founded in 2012, Bitfinex is a cryptocurrency exchange providing advanced services for digital currency traders and liquidity providers. Bitfinex is one of the worlds most advanced cryptocurrency exchanges, and one of the world’s largest exchanges by volume for trading Bitcoin against the US Dollar.

Bitfinex is comprised of 4 core features: 

1. Exchange Trading

Users can deposit, trade and withdraw Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies against US Dollars and bitcoin and benefit from an advanced trading interface.

2. Margin Trading

Bitfinex allows users to trade with up to 3.3x leverage. Users can use margin trading to open both long and short positions.

3. Margin Funding (P2P Financing)

Gives users (lenders) a way to earn interest on their digital assets by allowing them to lend their funds to users (borrowers) who wish to trade with margin.

4. Over The Counter Market (OTC)
Bitfinex offers a private OTC Market as an avenue for traders seeking to perform large trades directly with a counterparty, bypassing the public order books. Trades performed via the OTC Market provide access to large liquidity without affecting the exchange market price.


Established:                 2012

Official website:           https://www.bitfinex.com

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   high

Trading pairs:               500+ 

Trading fees:                based on traded volume 

Deposits:                       crypto deposits - no fees

Wire deposits:              YES

Credit card:                   NO

Withdrawals:                crypto withdrawals + bank wire withdrawals

Margin trading:            YES (up to 3,3 x leverage)

Mobile app:                   YES

KYC:                               only if depositing/withdrawing fiat currencies or stable coins

Customer support:      very good, including many social media

US customers:             NO


Bitfinex provides services to both institutional and private customers and offers a variety of coins and pairs to trade. On top of that they have one of the most advanced trading platforms available on the market capable of processing different order types.


Similar as Bitmex, we recommend this exchange especially for large players, or for everybody who wants to trade with fuestures like big players do. 

Bitfinex registrations were suspended for quite a long time, people were trying to get to this great exchange, but simple could'nt. Currently the registrations are open again, hopefuly not just temporarily. 

You can use the oportunity and register now:





This young and fast growing crypto exchange is an exciting try, if you want to use leverage trading with great fees. 

Bybit is a cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform established in March 2018 and registered in the BVI. It is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in Hong Kong and Taiwan. They have users from all over the world including North America, Europe, Russia, Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and are focused on serving everyone from individual retail clients to professional derivatives traders.

Bybit provides 24/7 multi-language online customer service in order to give solutions for users in a timely manner. Currently, the products on the platform include BTC/USD, ETH/USD, XRP/USD and EOS/USD perpetual contracts that can be traded on leverage at the click of a button.

Established:                 2018

Official website:           https://www.bybit.com

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   high

Trading fees:                 0.025% Maker fee, 0.075% Taker fee

Deposits:                       crypto deposits - no fees

Credit card deposits:   NO

Withdrawals:                crypto withdrawals, fees depends on currency 

Margin trading:            YES (up to 100x leverage)

Mobile app:                   YES

US customers:             NO

KYC:                               optional 

Customer support:      very good, including social media

The exchange delivers multilingual online support to its customers and is committed to delivering a transparent and efficient trading experience.

Despite limited amount of tradeable coins, this fast growing exchange provides great liquidity and high leverage up to x100 which can boost your account significantly. If you are beginner, start with 1:1 leverage first and never ever more! Never! 

You can register now with https://www.bybit.com  and get FANTASTIC 60 USD bonus!:

 - 10 USD immediately after registration (no conditions) and

50 USD after an initial deposit of at least 0.2BTC, 10ETH, 500EOS or 8000XRP (transferred immediately)

Not bad right?

Open the account today and get started!


bybit logo.png


Deribit started as a Bitcoin Futures and Options trading platform going live in the summer of 2016. The platform is a European based exchange with headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Deribit has been created as an answer to those in search of a professional fully dedicated cryptocurrencies futures and options trading platform. A service that can create a fully liquid marketplace with the same standards as a traditional derivatives market.

It is one of the few crypto margin exchanges to offer a BTC/USD perpetual swap, removing the expiry dates typically associated with Bitcoin futures and allowing users to receive a constant payout.​

Deribit only offers Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) contracts, though does offer both futures and options for both cryptocurrencies. The exchange does a great job of providing a range of options instruments for traders to use, which opens up opportunities for multiple different trading strategies for Deribit users.

Deribit 1.jpg

Established:                 2016

Official website:           https://www.deribit.com

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   very high

Trading pairs:               BTC, ETH

Trading fees:                 0.025% Maker fee, 0.075% Taker fee (BTC Futures 0.02% Maker, 0.05% Taker)

Deposits:                       BTC deposits only - no fees

Wire deposits:              NO

Credit card deposits:   NO 

Withdrawals:                crypto withdrawals only

Margin trading:            YES (up to 100x leverage)

Mobile app:                   YES

KYC:                               NO

Customer support:      very good

US customers:             NO

Deribit 2.jpg

Deribit has never been hacked. This is the result of the Deribit team placing a heavy emphasis on security. At all times Deribit keeps around 99% of their Bitcoin in cold storage.

Deribit is an interesting and quite competitive entry into the newly emerging crypto derivatives space. Fees are cheaper than other competitors, The platform is stable, easy to use and they are the first to offer competitive Bitcoin options.

It is a good exchange for advanced investors who want to dabble in perpetual futures contracts and options trading with leverage up to 100x.

If you give it a try, please use our link and you will receive a 10% fee discount for the first 6 months after sign up. Believe us, you'll save a nice bunch of money.


deribit logo.jpg

6. eTORO

EToro is a well known worldwide company which started back in 2007 as trading and investing platform. EToro introduced Bitcoin CFD in 2013 and in 2017 it enabled clients to trade and invest in Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, and other popular cryptocurrencies.

EToro has offices in UK, EU, USA and Australia and their website is available in 21 world languages. With more than 6 million users worldwide (also from the US), eToro has become a true global player.

EToro offers an intuitive trading platform with professional tools for both beginner and advanced traders.

By keeping a balance between giving easy access to beginners and improving upon important elements for more experienced traders, eToro is probably the world’s leading social trading platform.   

Tools are easy to use, and all of the information on the platform are nicely accessible on both the web interface and in the mobile app. 

Established:                 2007

Official website:           https://www.etoro.com

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   high

Cryptocurrencies:        BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, DASH, LTC, BNB, ADA, ETC, MIOTA, XLM, EOS, NEO, TRX, ZEC, XTZ, 

Trading fees:                no classic fees, fees are included in spreads

Deposits:                       PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, WebMoney, UnionPay Wire, Credit card

Wire deposits:              YES

Credit card:                   YES

Withdrawals:                crypto withdrawals, bank wire, credit card, PayPal,

Margin trading:            YES (Retail clients: crypto 2x leverage, stocks 5x, currencies up to 30x. Professional clients:up to 400x)

Mobile app:                   YES

KYC:                               Yes, mandatory

Customer support:      very good, including many social media

US customers:             YES

Specials:                       Copy trading

                                      Stock trading, Forex trading, Commodities

Copy trading

All you need to do to start Copy Trading is open an account, then use the eToro platform to search for the top social investors. filter eToro's best traders or traders you like. Once you’ve found the traders you want to copy, simply click on “Copy” to start automatically copying their positions. You will be asked to specify the percentage of your funds you want to allocate for copying. The amounts for the copied trades will be calculated automatically. You retain full control of your account and can take the trade over, or stop copying a trader at any time. It is probably most suitable for beginner who can learn while trading by experienced traders.

Stock trading, Forex, Commodities

eToro offers easy way to buy shares of companies like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Tesla, Google, Twitter and many more. You can also trade 12 commodities (gold, oil, silver, cocoa, etc.) and many major world currencies (USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, etc.). Beside investing in crypto, it might be a good idea to put some money also in these markets. 

etoro markets.jpg

eToro offers a variety of trading tools and courses which will be appreciated especially by beginners.  For example, every trader who signs up with eToro receives a virtual-money account, credited with $100,000, so they can test their strategies and practice before trading with real money.

It is also important to mention that eToro is fully regulated, adhering to the strict guidelines of CySEC, FCA and ASIC. You can safely use this great platform even if you are from the US. 

Check it out: https://www.etoro.com




Coinmama is well known crypto exchange for buying cryptocurrency (not for trading). 

Over 1 600 000 people from over 190 countries already used Coinmama for making cryptocurrency investments. You can buy crypto with credit card, debit card or directly from bank account.  Coinmama accept only these methods, that means you can not buy it with other cryptocurrency. 

Honestly, the hardest part (not really that hard though) is to pass the KYC process, but as Coinmama operates also in the US, they have to require it by the law.

After that, it’s very easy to buy Bitcoin and altcoins using just a credit card. You won’t have to go through complicated order types, you will not have any order filling issues and basically, after you go through the registration process, buying Bitcoin is as easy as a few clicks.


The Benefits of Coinmama:

  • Buy Bitcoin instantly. When paying by credit or debit card or with Online Banking, receive your coins in about ten minutes.

  • High spending limits. Buy with your bank account for up to 30,000 USD at a time.

  • Sell Bitcoin. Users in select markets can now sell Bitcoin—even if it was purchased through a different exchange.

  • The safe way to buy Bitcoin. Coinmama never holds customer funds or stores your payment information. Use the third-party wallet of your choice for complete control over your coins. You must have a wallet address before making a purchase.

  • Outstanding support. 


Established:                 2013

Official website:           https://www.coinmama.com 

Security:                       very high

Reputation:                   very high

Cryptos to buy:             Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Cardano (ADA),  (QTM),  (ETC)

Wire deposits:              YES

Credit / debit card:      YES 

Fees:                              Credit card purchases 5% processing fee, SEPA transfers 0% fee, SWIFT transfers over 10 000 USD 0% fee

Minimum purchase:    60 USD (or EUR equivalent)

Withdrawals:                in supported cryptocurrencies (after you buy crypto, they will be transferred to your personal wallet)

Margin trading:            NO

Mobile app:                   NO

KYC:                               required 

Customer support:      very good

US customers:             YES


If you are looking to easily buy Bitcoin and altcoins, this is a good choice, especially because it’s available in so many locations, including the United States. But this ease of use comes with a downside: they do not offer a trading platform, with charts, order book, and technical indicators.


Anyhow, if you want to SIMPLE buy crypto from all around the world, also using credit card or wire transfer, Coinmama is just the perfect solution. 



The global crypto train is just starting.

Choose some of the exchanges and enter the exciting 


      "CRYPTO WORLD " today !